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The Sixth Annual Conference on Semiotic Anthropology, May 3, 2019


8:00-8:30 Coffee and light breakfast


8:30-9:00 ‘Risky documents: Measuring, evaluating and managing the environment in the Yucatan peninsula
Pablo Aquilera Del Castillo University of Pennsylvania

9:00-9:30 ‘Counting the “not yet”: the semiotics of census-taking’

Nooshin Sadeghsamimi University of Pennsylvania

9:30-10:00 ‘Social processes and conceptual challenges in defining the “Behavioral Science(s)”
Carter Timon University of Pennsylvania

10:00-10:15 Discussant Justin Clapp,

10:15-10:30 COFFEE BREAK


10:30-11:00 ‘Deciphering the signs of ‘kiameti’ in a Georgian Koran School
Ricardo R. Rivera UC- Berkeley

11:00-11:30 ‘Phase transitions in truth conditions’
Paul Kockelman Yale University


11:30-12:00 ‘Etymological invention: Metalinguistic techniques for producing the past and present in Republican China’
Aliyah Bixby-Driesen University of Pennsylvania


12:00-12:30 ‘Religious Talk, or not? Islamic discourses at the interstices of media production and reception’
Elliot Montpellier University of Pennsylvania


12:30-1:00 ‘The sidewalk, the morgue, and the manual: Diagnosing “High” speech and enregistering the biophysical’
Ben Slightom Yale University


1:00-1:15 Discussants Asif Agha,
Miranda Weinberg,


1:15-2:00 LUNCH BREAK




2:00-2:30 ‘Talking tax: The discursive construction of the law and its loopholes’
Eric Greubel University of Pennsylvania


2:30-3:00 ‘Enregistering “Private Ownership” in informal settlements of Hyderabad, India’
Indivar Jonnalagadda University of Pennsylvania


3:00-3:30 ‘Permits, partage, and Persepolis: Legal infrastructure and the value of heritage in Iran
Kyle Olson University of Pennsylvania


3:30-3:45 Discussants Paul Kockelman,
Yalong Chen


3:45—4:00 COFFEE BREAK




4:00-4:30 ‘Constipated Nationalism: Chinese Nuns and the Encounter of Metro-Manila’
George Bayuga Yale University


4:30-5:00 ‘The sound of feeling: Listening for ethnoracialness in Jazz Manouche’
Siv B. Lie U of Maryland, College Park


5:00-5:30 ‘Authority, ideology and dialogism in 19th century Jewish women’s writing’
Miri Cohen-Achdut Ben-Gurion University


5:30-6:00 ‘The metapragmatics of speakerhood’
Miranda Weinberg Swarthmore College


6:00-6:30 ‘Losing the rhythm over time: Sound, temporality, and conflicting metaforces in the Pacific Sikh diaspora’
Davindar Singh Harvard University


6:30-7:00 ‘Between speech and song: Mazatec whistling historical and social context’
Paja Faudree Brown University


7:00-7:15 Discussants Andrew Carruthers,
Alex Warburton,


7:15-7:30 Short Break



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